The holidays are here and we’ve got winter activities and Christmas celebrations on our minds. The weather here in MA is still nice and warm (crazy warm, in fact…. it’s 50 degrees here today) but the kids can’t stop thinking about Christmas, what might be in their stockings and what Santa might bring them for Christmas.

We received this awesome gift box from PEEPS® and  PEEPS & COMPANY® for the holidays. While I could have stashed some of it away for Christmas, I let the kids open it with me. I wish I had a video of the unboxing. They were excited and Malone fell in love with the stuffed chick. He named it Peeper and it hasn’t left his sight yet.

Peeps Package

He love Peeper so much, that he’s drawn several pictures starring Peeper. This one is my favorite.

Peeper the chick
Even though it is still warm out, one of things we’re doing to get in the holiday spirit is drinking hot chocolate (by the gallon, it seems). One of Lola and Malone’s favorite things to do with PEEPS® is to use them in place of traditional marshmallows in their hot chocolate. It is one like one gigantic gooey treat of awesome. Sure, it makes a mess too. But that is what wet wash cloths are for!

Peeps In Hot Chocolate

Malone is currently obsessed with all things peppermint, so the candy cane coated PEEPS® were a hit!

Peeps In Hot Chocolate Thumbs up

PEEPS® and PEEPS & COMPANY® treats make great stocking stuffers and treats for the holidays. There are so many great varieties to choose from…. Malone thought the Mike & Ike candy cane was really fun and Lola loved the PEEPS® pop. I think it is so fun that this brand has expended beyond Easter (which when I was a kid, it was the ONLY time of year you could get them)!

Now through 12/31/15 save 20% off your order at Peeps & Company with the discount code SWEETINGS15. 

PEEPS® and PEEPS & COMPANY® want to send one lucky winner from A Cookie Before Dinner their own candy prize pack (contents determined by company). To enter, use the widget below. Special thanks to them for providing me the product to feature, discount code and  a giveaway for you!