Seeing The Nutcracker on stage has been a long standing dream of mine. When I was a little girl, my mom promised that when I was older, she’d take me to see a big production of it. We enjoyed watching various performances on television and video, but never a chance to see it together live before she passed away.

Her love for The Nutcracker is one that I’ve passed down to my own kids. Once December rolls around, we’re constantly looking for performances we can enjoy together at home. Battle of the Nutcrackers on OvationTV is a long standing tradition in our house.

This year, for the first time ever, I finally got a chance to see it live. Today’s post about Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker is brought to you today by Boston Ballet. I received tickets in order to facilitate this review..


I attended Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker a few weeks ago, and I am still processing the magic that I witnessed at the Boston Opera House. The photos do not do it justice, it was visually stunning. The company dancers were amazing, but what really left me awestruck was the performances of the children. Especially Clara. I dug around a little bit and learned there are three different Clara’s for the 2016 performance season of Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker. It makes sense that there is more than one because there are so many shows!


The performance I saw featured Delia Wada-Gill as Clara. She was beyond perfection in the role and seemed so sure of herself on stage. This is her second year dancing Clara. And as it turns out, both of her older sisters danced the role.  I often feel as though children can be a loose cannon when it comes to things, but every single child on the stage of The Nutracker was perfection. I didn’t see a single misstep and I left the Boston Opera House inspired to challenge my own kids to pursue their passions.


If you are considering bringing your child to the ballet, Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker offers several matinees that are the perfect way to introduce them to the arts! There are still tons of shows left for the 2016 season of Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker… there are performances now through the December 31. Check out their full schedule and buy tickets on Boston Ballet’s website. 

Photos c/o Boston Ballet.