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Last year in the hustle and bustle of the day, we forgot to take Lola’s diaper bag with us when we went to a holiday party. I can still remember the day- we were trying to squeeze in a visit with Santa before a Christmas party at a friend’s house. Mike thought I had grabbed the bag and I thought he had it. We were about twenty five minutes from home when we realized we forgot it.

Santa's Trains At Look Park 7

The kids looked adorable in their holiday best. It was picture perfect until we had a diaper explosion. Did you know that bad things happen when you combine a diaper explosion with tights? It was gross and I was mortified. I combed the car, but didn’t have a single thing for Lola to put on. Thankfully, our Christmas party was at our friend’s house. She’s got a daughter just a little older than Lola and we were able to borrow an outfit to make it through the evening. In the grand scheme of life, it wasn’t a big deal.

I realized something though, sometimes the diaper bag is going to be forgotten at home. But do you know what I almost never leave home with? My car. So I made an on the go diaper bag box that lives in our car. The contents of it changes with the seasons- this summer our box held bathing suits instead of party dresses. But having it has saved me over and over again. Most of the time, I don’t even lug around a big diaper bag anymore. I know that I’ve got everything I need (or might need), right in my trunk.

The easiest way to remember your diaper bag is to keep a supply box in your car. You'll always have everything you need!

How to Make a Diaper Bag Supply Box for Your Car.

Step 1. Gather your materials. Think about what you might need when you’re on the go. There aren’t any diapers pictured here because I always keep at least two spares in the glove compartment of our car.

Step 1 Gather Your Supplies

You could use an extra bag or a plastic box with a latching lid. I like to use a box because I like to be able to see what exactly I’ve got in my on the go box at all times. I choose to stock my on the go box with the following:

  • Huggies Clean N Clutch Wipes
  • Spare outfit (holiday dress and tights right now because it is that time of year)
  • Pajamas
  • Bib
  • Snacks & Sippy Cup
  • First aid kit
  • Books

Step 2: Put in your spare clothing. I always like to include pajamas and a spare outfit. So many events that we are invited to run past bedtime. I like to put Lola in her pajamas right before we depart for home. The spare outfit is very festive because for the next two months we’ll be running out the door to holiday parties (don’t forget about the tights)!

Step 2 Put In Your Clothing

Step 3: Put in books or a small toy. We don’t go to too many non child friendly events with our kids in tow. And when we do, we just stop by for a few minutes to say hello. Books will hold Lola’s attention for about ten minutes- just long enough to “stop by” somewhere. She loves to read stories before bed now, so having the books mean that we can also put her to bed at a friend’s house or that I can entertain her in a waiting room at a doctor’s office before an appointment.

Step 3 Put In Your Books

Step 4: Put in snacks and a sippy cup.
Step 4 Put In Your Snacks And Sippy Cup

Step 5: Put in your bib. Step 5 Put In Your Bib

Step 6: Put in your first aid kit. I had to buy a new one recently, ours from the on the go box got a ton of action this summer. Malone obtained his fair share of scrapes on the playground.

Step 6 Put In Your First Aid Kit

Step 7: Put in your Huggies Clutch N Clean Wipes. 

Step 7 Put In Your Huggies Clean N Clutch Wipes

Huggies Clean N Clutch baby wipes are dermatologically tested and mom approved. They’re also the #1 branded choice of moms. The Huggies Clutch N Clean wipes come in an adorable clutch. We picked ours up at CVS. Each Clutch N Clean package contains 32 Huggies Natural Care wipes. 
Huggies on Shelf

Huggies Clean N Clutch 2


The clutch can be reused for other things, like storing a soiled bib or tights (or both) when you’re out and about. It can be sealed and you can deal with the mess when you get back home.

Huggies Clutch N Clean 4

Huggies Clutch N Clean 3

Step 8: Put the lid on your on the go box.

Step 9 Put Your Lid On

Step 9: Put your on the go box in the car. Replenish supplies as needed.

Step 11 Put It In Your Car

You can tell we’ve had an awesome summer and fall- my car is full of sand from the beach!

What would you put in your on the go box?