I was thrilled to get an email from Boston Ballet asking if I’d like to attend their show, Shades of Sound as their guest. Shades of Sound opened to rave reviews in Boston last week, but because of scheduling conflicts, I’m not going to be able to attend the show until near the end of it’s run. I didn’t want to tell you about Shades of Sound and then have the show be over, so I’m posting ahead of time! I had a friend who was able to attend Shades Of Sound’s press event and she has very generously shared her photographs with me. All images today are courtesy of Nikki of Nikki Meyers Photography, thank you Nikki.

Shades of Sound will be my first performance by the Boston Ballet. One million years ago Mike and I had tickets to Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker, but we were unable to attend because we were snowed in. I’m not bringing Mike this time. Instead, I’m bringing my best gal pal Barb and we plan to have a fabulous girl’s night out.

Shades of Sound is three works in one. I think it will be really exciting to see three complete works in one show.


Chroma was performed by the Boston Ballet for the first time in 2013 to repeat standing ovations. Choreographed by Wayne McGregor, the movement is angular and knotty and the costumes are stripped down- each dancer wears flesh toned costumes that were specifically designed for their skin tones. The stage is pure white which will be an amazing backdrop to really focus on the dancer’s movement. As someone who adores purity of movement, I think this is going to be a really exciting piece!

Shades Of Sound: Chroma Boston Ballet

The music of Chroma also looks very interesting.  This groundbreaking work is set to an aggressive score by Joby Talbot, with music arrangements by Jack White of The White Stripes. The complex orchestration requires one of the largest groups of Boston Ballet Orchestra musicians ever to accompany performances with six percussionists playing in the opera boxes.


Premiered in 1959 by the New York City Ballet, Episodes features Balanchine’s choreography. The costuming of Episodes is classic ballet, pink tights and black leotards. Which (again, like Chroma) will really showcase the beauty of the movement and classic ballet lines.

Boston Ballet Shades Of Sound Episodes

Balanchine of course, is a ballet legend and I am thrilled to get to see his work in this four movement ballet.

 Black Cake

Shades Of Sound closes with Black Cake, a ballet that features six couples dancing in three pas de deux and a group scene with a very flirty waiter. Unlike the other two ballets featured in Shades of Sound, the performers in Black Cake dance ballroom in cocktail attire with the women dancing in high heels. Black Cake was created in 1989 by Dutch choreographer Hans van Manen.

Boston Ballet Shades Of Sound Black Cake

As  someone who loves dance in general and is mildly obsessed with Dancing With The Stars, Black Cake is the ballet in Shades of Sound that I’m most looking forward to because it is outside of the dancer’s typical element.

I will be attending the performance of Shades of Sound by the Boston Ballet on Friday March 27th and will have a post performance post up next week!

Have you been to the ballet? Do you have any advice?