This blog post is part of a 31 day series called Blogger Rehab. Blogger Rehab is for the stressed out, overworked, and want to quit the internets.

Now that we’re over a week into blogger rehab, one common theme I’m seeing is that many of you are stressed out about social media. I have plans to speak about social media later on in this series.

But, I also know of a resource to help you now.

My friend Julie is also participating in 31 days this year and is taking her readers through 31 days to create a social media plan.

Use this series to create a social media plan for your blog

Like me, she’s spent the first several days laying a foundation and helping her readers dig into the why of social media.

Going forward, she’s taking her readers through the how of social media and at the end of her series, you’ll have a great plan to work off of in the days to come.

While I don’t have bajillions of pageviews, I consider myself a moderately advanced blogger in knowledge. I am constantly looking for new things I can learn about my craft. Julie’s series is perfect for a beginner, but an advanced blogger will also take away new ideas to implement.

 Click here to go to the beginning of her series.