Last year, I heard about the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by The Nester and thought it was a really cool idea. I was too late to the game and didn’t jump in. Wondering what it is? Basically, for the month of October a lot of blogland is going to be picking a theme or topic and writing about it for 31 days. Last year there were over 1200 participants. The blogger picks a topic and runs with it. So if you’re looking for some new reading material, you’re sure to find it.

I had high intentions of getting my 31 days posts done before August 1st. But then I realized that Malone and I were just having too much fun during our last days before Lola was born, so I rearranged my focus. We had more adventures and outings and less time at home where I could have wrote. I’m realistic and know that other blog and life things will come up. My goal for this

So here we are on the first day of this writing challenge and I’ve got zero written ahead.

But I’ve got an awesome topic.

Ladies and gentleman, I’m putting on my big girl panties. And I’m taking you along with me for the ride. Where will it take us, I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure at the end of it I might finally be  a real grown up.

31 Days Big Girl Panties

Interested in following along? I’ll post the links to each day at the bottom of this page. Or…You can like my Facebook page connect with me on Twitter or subscribe to my blog via the sidebar.

1. Introduction

2. Because People Can’t Read My Mind

3. On Remembering Appointments

4. {Five Minute Friday} On Writing

5. On Mistakes

6. On Criticism

7. Volunteering Is Awesome…Except when it isn’t. 

8. The One About Friendship

9. On Seeing Santa At A Funeral

10. On Guilt

11. Why I’m Okay With Ordinary

12. Medicine Cabinet Jenga Aka The Project I’ve Been Avoiding

13.  I Have Needs Too

14. On Gifts With Strings Attached

15. A Day In The Life

16. Pause For Fall In New England & The Sunshine Award

17. The King Of The Laundry

18. Grief Comes In Waves



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