On Friday’s, I like to participate other writers in writing challenge called Five Minute Friday. We’re given a topic and the idea is to write for five minutes and to hit publish without editing or looking back.

If you want to participate and link your writing go to Lisa Jo Baker’s website. She’s got all of the details there.

This week’s topic is: ordinary.

When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time dreaming about how I could become famous. I wanted everyone to KNOW my name- and I wanted all of the material delights that come with it. The money. The fancy clothes. The cool car. The cute boyfriend. The gigantic house. ME. Known to the world.

I’m pretty sure this is partly because I grew up in a tiny town in the Midwest. Where, everyone actually DID know my name. And my grandfather’s. And grandmother’s. There were often times my mother knew my plans before I even came home to ask her about it. This was because my mother’s best friend was the mother of my best friend. You get the idea…. small town USA. Where EVERYONE knows YOUR NAME. And YOUR BUSINESS.

I’ve since given up on those dreams of being famous. Ordinary me who lives on the rented 2nd floor, shops at second hand stores, and watches every cent that comes in and out. However, my cute boyfriend did turn into my cute husband. But, my cool car is a total mom-mobile.

And I’m content with ordinary.

Because ordinary me gets the dishes done, the groceries gotten, and a meal on the table. Everyday.

Because ordinary me can drop everything to help a neighbor who has a last minute need.

Because ordinary me  has time to encourage and love on a lot of a lot of friends. Need encouragement? If you give me your address and phone number YOU.WILL.GET.IT. PROMISE.

Because ordinary me has babies to read to, hineys to wipe, and boo boos to kiss away. And one thousand “whys” to answer everyday.

Because ordinary me has some gigantic goals for herself and is working hard everyday to become a better person and a better writer.

Because ordinary me realized the most important things in life have nothing to do with fame.

And so really, that makes me EXTRA-ordinary.

Five Minute Friday

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