I am a helper. Helping people brings me SUCH joy, it really does. Volunteering makes my soul sing. And not only that, I am an ENFP  so I’ve got the kind of personality that dives into new things hard and fast.

A few years ago, I dove head first into too many things. I was hardly every home. Combine that with working part time and being  a full time mama and wife and it was a recipe for disaster.

And on top of it all, I didn’t REALLY want to be doing any of those things that I was running to. I wanted to be home with my husband  and baby after work. I wanted to take my weekends slow and not spend my time going in circles. I carried a lot of the weight of the world on my shoulders because of this volunteer position. It was stressful. And that stress came home with me.

It took me stepping back from everything and spending a few days in my tiny hometown in Illinois to gain some perspective. But then I realized something really important. I HAVE A CHOICE with how I spend my time. And that includes volunteer work. If it was no longer mutually beneficial, it was time to part ways.

It was the right move. Since then I’ve added a few bits of volunteer work back into my life, but I have gotten MUCH MUCH better about not getting in too deep too quickly.

Big Girl Panties Stop VolunteeringDo you volunteer? Is it for something you love doing? Have you ever felt “stuck” in something you didn’t actually want to do? Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to hear more.

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