The other night I collapsed into bed. I crawled in and melted into a puddle. And then I cried myself to sleep. I wasn’t sad about anything. I wasn’t upset, troubled, or worried.

I was exhausted.

If you’ve been reading along, then you know I’ve got preschooler and a newborn. And if this is your first time here…welcome! I’ve got a preschooler and a newborn.

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends a bit. The work of motherhood and the work of writing had finally caught up to me. Both are muscles I am exercising HARD these days.

And for the first time I wondered if doing 31 Days Of Big Girl Panties was really a wise decision considering my other obligations. But I am here, and I am committed to seeing this challenge through. What fun would a writing challenge be if it wasn’t challenging?

And I can’t quit motherhood.

What I can do is get a little smarter and listen to my body. To make sure my basic needs are met. I’ve thought a little bit about what my basic needs are and I’ve decided to define them as life sustaining tasks that feed my mind, body, and soul. A little self care will go a long way.

I don’t need to shower everyday, but I do need quiet time to seek God. Although a shower WOULD be nice.

I don’t need to consume a five star organic homemade meal, but I do need to eat SOMETHING.

I don’t need to sleep through the night, but I do need to sleep, power down my brain, and recharge.

I don’t need to go to the bathroom BY MYSELF, but I do need to go.

I don’t need to drink coconut water, seltzer, or fruit infused water, but I need to drink WATER. And I need to drink about 8 glasses more than I’ve currently been consuming.

I don’t need to write 1000 words everyday, but I do need to write. It feeds my soul and lets my mind breathe.

I don’t need to be on the floor playing with my kids every single second of the day or get away on a romantic date with my husband. But I need to hear, spend quality time, and love on my family everyday.

I don’t need to spend hours on the phone with my friends and family everyday letting them know how much I care about them, but I do need to show them by love and deed as much as I have capacity for.

Oh. And COFFEE. I need coffee. Everyday.

And anything else that can happen in 24 fours?

Totally bonus.

Big Girl Panties Needs

Have you ever had a hard time meeting your basic needs while taking care of your family? Did you make any changes to your routine to help?

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