I was looking through some old pictures today, when I came across this one from exactly two years ago today.

King Of The Rainbows 1

5/20/2011 The guy in this picture is 1 turning soon into two. He’s about four months in to a parent and me gymnastics class and adjusting to life in full time daycare. Our weekend time means the world to me. I am conflicted about who I am and racked with guilt for going back to work full time. Malone has the language to tell us a lot of what he likes and doesn’t like. Right now, he adores rainbows, trains, and has earned the nickname Danger Baby with his physical exploration.

King Of The Rainbows 2

5/19/13- The guy in this picture is 3 soon turning into 4. He’s about to participate in his third end of the year gymnastics show, but loves most all other sports. He asks to play baseball almost every night. He has thrived being at home with me. I was laid off in November of 2011, but sent him to daycare to see his friends two mornings a week. He’s got two more days left this week before we’re done for good. I still feel conflicted about how to be it all- a good mother and wife, bring home an income, and keep a clean home. I am trying to give myself a little grace. Malone’s language is through the roof, he speaks about and has complex ideas about his world. He’s mastered basic preschool things like numbers, letters, and shapes and has moved on to addition, counting past 300, and he’s beginning to read. He’s obsessed with rainbows (still!), Wheel Of Fortune, Nascar racing (I think maybe because the cars have numbers on them?), the Statue Of Liberty, and the Eiffel Tower. He’s graduated from Danger Baby to Captain Dangerous.

Until I sat down to write this, I hadn’t really thought about how much of the same person Malone is at almost 4 as he was at almost 2.

What about you? How did your kids change through the years? How did they stay the same?