This post, 10 Tips For Your Preschool Girl’s First Salon Haircut, is written by me on behalf of SoCozy. All opinions are my own.

When Lola was born, one of the first things I said was, “wowza, look at all of that hair!” It was black, thick and curly. And really similar to my own.

Along the way, it got lighter and longer. And a few sweet little curls came out.

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And longer.

And longer. Which brings us to this past week, when we decided it was time for her first salon haircut. I’d heard from other moms that this can be a stressful thing and for us, I’m happy to report that it was smooth sailing. Stay tuned for the cute after picture below.

9 Tips For Your Preschool Girl’s First Salon Haircut

Rock your preschooler's first salon haircut with these great tips.

Follow their personality when it comes to preparing them. 

Lola is the type of kid that gets really nervous about something new, if you talk about it too much. So instead of making an appointment and talking about it a ton, we went to a walk in place on the “fly” to see if they could take her. Because it was casual and spur of the moment, she was relaxed and didn’t have any time to get scared or upset. If you’ve got a planner or a kid who needs to know all of the steps of something new, I’d recommend planning the appointment together and looking at hair styles on Pinterest to help get them excited.

Take them to a place that feels as special as getting a big girl hair cut is. 

This was a personality choice for us, but I knew that Lola would do much better in a salon next to grown ups who were also getting their hair cut… as opposed to a children’s specialty salon.

Wash, condition and dry their hair before you go. 

Lola’s hair was really long and to the point where the end goal was a hair cut. I knew the salon I was going to take her to would put her through the full salon treatment (wash, condition and comb out) before her cut, if she didn’t come in with a clean head of hair. I also knew that getting those things done before her haircut would be the end of her and I needed her best three year old self to sit through the haircut.

So, we did the first 3 steps at home using the new 2 in 1 Hush Shampoo & Conditioner by SoCozy. The thing I love about this line is that it’s specially formulated for sensitive skin and scalp.

And best of all, it conditioned her hair so well that we didn’t even need the detangler to get through combing it out. #miracle

Tell them how to behave before you get to the salon. 

Sitting still for any length of time is hard for a three year old. And sitting in a new place with strangers all around you while you’re having something completely new done to you is even tougher. But a quick reminder about how to act and listen really helped

Remind them about how much of an “adult” or “big girl” thing it is to get a hair cut at a fancy place. 

I found that reminding Lola about how special it was to get her hair cut next to adults who were also getting their hair cut. I could tell that she felt a ton of pride about getting to do such a grown up thing!

Let the stylist know it’s your daughter’s first salon cut. 

Our stylist was great, but really stepped up her game once she realized it was Lola’s first haircut. It’s a classic case of you can’t know what you can’t know. The more information we can give the service providers in our child’s lives, the better equipped they become at helping them.

Keep the bribery to a minimum. 

In Lola’s case, she didn’t need a lollipop or my phone to help her sit still. Just promise of a few new bows and headbands for her new hair cut. You know your child’s currency, use it as you need.

Take lots of pictures for the memory book. 

Or in my case…. Facebook.

Enjoy making new hair styles with that fab new doo! 

Lola’s haircut is so precious and so her. It doesn’t take much to style it… just some Sensitive Styling Foam from Hush by SoCozy  for the flyaways and we’re all set!

You can find the entire Hush by SoCozy line at Target. It’s in the baby section.