When we brought our cat Moxie home, we weren’t sure what to expect because we had such limited information on her. All we knew is what the shelter told us, which wasn’t very much. They knew she was abandoned by her previous owners, she was spayed, was around a year old, and had spent some time out on the streets as a homeless cat. She was friendly and would be good with little kids. And that was it.

We went to the homeless cat shelter (yep, that’s really the name) looking for a small kitten the day we saw Moxie. One look at her long black and white fur and cute pink nose and we were in love.

And because of the time she had spent on the streets, we were determined to give her the good life at our house. Everyday is an adventure for her. We’ve spent hundreds of dollars on toys and perches for her to amuse herself with. As it turns out, she’s a simple gal who prefers to bat around small Lego pieces and stretch out in the sun.

Moxie 2015

I wish I could snag a picture of this, but one my favorite Moxie quirks is that she strongly prefers to drink the the leftover water out of the bathtub. She’s so funny. While we shower, she stands there perched waiting for us to finish. And as soon as we’re done, she hops in for a drink. She drinks water from a bowl just fine… I wonder if this is a way that she can relive her street days drinking from puddles?

Since Moxie is a shelter cat, we’re obsessed with making sure she’s got great nutrition. She’s a cat who loves to eat and gets nervous when her bowl is empty. She was food insecure while she was on the streets…. it is a hard balance for us to make sure we’re not over feeding her and also not causing her anxiety. As my mom always said “control what you can control.”

Which is why it was really fun to take this quiz from Pruina Pro Plan to determine the right food for my quirky cat.


Purina knows the bond I share with Moxie means. That makes choosing the right food for her an important decision. While some companies are quick to jump on fads, every ingredient in their formulas serves a purpose and is carefully selected to play a role in the advanced nutrition that helps Moxie thrive.  They obsess over the quality and safety of all of our products, creating nutrition that not only performs but has an enticing taste, too.

• All formulas are high in protein, featuring real meat, poultry, or fish
• Our nutrition is backed by a team of over 400 scientists; including nutritionists, behaviorists, and veterinarians.
• Proudly manufactured at Purina-owned U.S. Facilities

The results of our quiz showed that Moxie should be on a urinary tract health formula based on her age and characteristics.

Purina 2

We’re starting to slowly integrate the new food into her diet according to the directions on the label. So far, so good!

Take the quiz and grab your $5.00 off coupon here!

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