Welcome to Blogger Rehab- a 31 day series for the stressed out, overworked, and want to quit the internets.

This past summer I had the honor of taking a friend through a blogging sabbatical.

She wanted to throw in the towel and shut down her blog. She was burned out and plain ole done with life online.

She was TIRED of the internet. Tired of trying to keep up with the blog next door, tired of the noise of social media, and tired of feeling less than because someone’s Instagram feed showed a perfect life.

Blogging is an amazing outlet for many people. For some, it is full time job. For others it is extra income that affords their family to be able to do fun things and try out new products. And for others, it is a ministry opportunity or a chance to publish their words without signing a book deal.

The thing about blogging though, is that the internet never sleeps. You can’t “win” the internet. So how do you win your life back when your blog has taken over?

This 31 days series is for anyone who has ever wanted to QUIT it all. Consider it a 31 day detox from www and the dot com.

Blogger Rehab. A 31 Day Detox from the www and the dot com.

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Blogger Rehab is a 31 day series for those who are stressed out, over worked, and want to quit the internet.

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This series is going to be a mix of practical solutions to make your online life more efficient and questions that are going to make you dig deep into why you do the things you do.

Along the way, I’ll share everything I’ve learned about blog/life balance.

The amount of effort you put into your time at Blogger Rehab is going to have a 100% direct effect on what you get out of it.

I challenge you to dig deep during this time.

You’ll likely want a journal and a pen.

I can’t wait to journey with you as you go through your own blogger rehab.

This page will serve as the landing page for Blogger Rehab.

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The complete blogger rehab series is listed in order below. 

One question changes everything.

Who do you really blog for anyway?

Who is your reader and why it really matters.

Who it’s about.

What do you love and hate about blogging?

Create A Social Media Plan 

Why you need a blog mission statement.

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