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After my post on Monday, I was surprised at how many of you thought it was pretty genius to draft in Word.  I was even more surprised to hear how many of you are interested in long term goals for your blog, but don’t know where to start. I get it. It can feel SUPER overwhelming to think that far into the future.

Blogging without goals is like taking a road trip without a map.

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You’ll wander along the open road and jump at every opportunity that seems fun and exciting. Instead of staying focused on where you want to get, you’ll take a lot of wrong turns while you’re trying to find the right way.

Without a doubt the best $15.00 I’ve ever invested in myself and this blog is the How They Blog Blog Planning Kit by Kat Lee.

Using the Blog Planning Kit has helped me develop a complete plan for A Cookie Before Dinner. It is a self guided printable workbook that has helped me figure out everything from what my 5 year goals for A Cookie Before Dinner, who my target reader is and what kind of content she’s looking for, to what sets me apart from others in my niche.

how they blog blog planning kit

There are daily and weekly task sheets, a prompt that will help you figure out just how much time you REALLY have to dedicate to blogging, and pages to help you nail tasks for long term projects.

If you are someone who is serious about becoming a focused and intentional blogger, someone who wants less fuss and more freedom in your writing, this is a product you need. It has changed my entire outlook on blogging. It has taken me from a someone who felt like she was drifting along without a goal to someone who knows what is coming next.

I know where I’m going and what I’m writing about thanks to the Blog Planning Kit.

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The kit is 48 pages long. You can print it out or work with it right on your completer, it is a fully editable document. I printed mine out, got some colored pens, and took myself out on a coffee date. It was so much fun to sit and dream about this space.
Here is what you get with the Blog Planning Kit:

  • 20 professionally designed AND EDITABLE* forms including:
  • Brainstorm Starter
  • Niche Discovery
  • Niche Evaluation
  • Target Reader Analysis
  • Time Evaluation
  • Lifetime Goals Planning Page
  • Short Term Goals Planning Page
  • Simple Project Planner
  • Full Page Project Planner
  • Yearly Overview
  • Target Audience Worksheet
  • Monthly Overview
  • Weekly Blog Planner
  • Weekly Review
  • Daily Action Planner
  • Blog Post Idea Tracker
  • Blog Stats Tracker
  • Financial Tracker
  • My Notes
  • Custom Cover Page
  • A complete 25+ page guidebook that will take you through the entire system.
  • A video tutorial showing exactly how Kat Lee uses the forms in her day to day blogging.

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