Warning… things are getting real here today.

Real real ugly.

This is my bathroom situation. The photo isn’t even watermarked because honestly, if someone wants to steal this hot mess and use it for their own commercial purposes, more power to them.

Messy Bathroom


Here are the facts.

The bathroom in the apartment is TINY. And there are ZERO cabinets in which to stash towels, toiletries, or any other random thing you don’t want your guests to see when they come over and use your loo. Who am I kidding? My disaster bathroom is part of the reason why we don’t invite many people over.

The lighting is also poor. Or it doesn’t photograph well. Whatever. Our bath water looks like it is some shade of brown. But it isn’t. And I totally had to crop a naked child out of the picture on the bottom right.

Anyway, every time I need to use deodorant, brush my teeth, or do just about thing involving a product you see above, I have to play Medicine Cabinet Jenga.

And, as you can probably guess… I LOSE every time, curse under my breath, and roll my eyes.

This happens at least four times a day.

Because Medicine Cabinet Jenga is addicting… like Candy Crush Saga only with real life application and purpose.

The other day, after the Mickey Mouse band aids fell on me for the third time this week, I discovered that pink/orange reddish box on the bottom row was ACTUALLY EMPTY (ugh.. WHO DOES THAT? Actually, I know who and he’s basically otherwise a saint so we’ll cut him some slack here). And I realized this was a really simple fix. I could CLEAN AND ORGANIZE my medicine cabinet.

It took less than five minutes to clean it and took my stress level down three notches.

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