A Call and Response.

I haven’t intended to be silent around here for the last two weeks. Truth be told, the December season is busy. Just as it probably is for most of you.

I’m pouring my heart out today and linking with Shell at Things I Can’t Say.

And with the recent events at Sandy Hook Elementry school in Newtown, CT every time I’ve come to this space to write, I’m really left speechless. I am sad, confused, and at times full of rage.

But I’m also convicted.

What if everyone was a friend to every person they knew? What if they smiled and said a kind word to every stranger they met?  What if they dropped the drama and just got involved with each other? What would happen if we were good neighbors to each other and shared with those in need? What if we had more social and less social media? What if we said enough is enough?

What would happen to our world? There would be more community. More greatness. More learning. More respect. More dialogue. More.

I’ve decided that I will be more.

And it will change my world.

Will you join me?


  1. Carrie Rongner-Cook says

    Well said – I like it – I always try to do that, say hi to people that pass by or speak to a store clerk by name if they are wearing a tag etc. & I am all for more face to face time with friends & family & less FB time. :) I like FB to keep up with old friends & acquaintances but I hate when I find out something personal going on with a loved one through social media instead of a call or a personal note to me directly.

    • NJ says

      It is like the flame of a candle. It start small but can change the world if we all work together!

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