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Stocking stuffers are always tricky for me. Last year, I got caught up in the heat of the moment at the store and overbought. Not only that, I came home with things that I normally wouldn’t have purchased- things that weren’t exactly useful for our family. I bought “just to buy” because I wanted to make sure I had enough to fill Malone’s stocking. When I got home and saw all that I had, I vowed to be more thoughtful next year and started a list.

In Malone’s stocking this year there will be mostly arts and craft supplies. We use them almost everyday. He’s also getting a pair of socks, a new toothbrush, and some chapstick of his own. He loves Captain America, so I’m on the hunt for Captain America Pez dispenser. The only toy item that will be in there is a Cat Calico Critters set. We always include a Christmas Orange and a new ornament for the tree. Don’t be afraid to open up the packaging of items to fill your stockings.

My total budget for Malone’s stocking is $50.00. It is quite large this year, but I was able to get his main gifts at a consignment sale earlier this fall at a greatly reduced price. Shopping second hand allowed me to buy more for less and gave me more money left over in my budget than anticipated.

101 Preschool Stocking Stuffers, No Candy!

Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for preschoolers. No candy!

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Here is my master list of preschool stocking stuffers. There isn’t any candy on here.

  1. Orange (a tradition for us, to fill the toe part of the stocking)
  2. Crayons
  3. Markers
  4. Colored Pencils
  5. Novelty Pencils & Erasers (Hello Kitty, Spiderman, etc)
  6. Do-A-Dot Markers
  7. White Glue Or Glue Sticks
  8. Pipe Cleaners
  9. Pom Poms
  10. Googly Eyes
  11. Popsicle Sticks
  12. Wikki Sticks
  13. Pastel Crayons
  14. Playdoh Or Modeling Clay
  15. Playdoh Accessories (rolling pin, play knife, cookie cutters)
  16. Stamp Set & Ink Pad
  17. Marbles
  18. Colored Painters Tape
  19. Small Note Pad
  20. Post It Notes
  21. Fat Bundle Paper
  22. Foam Stickers
  23. Dover Sticker Or Activity Book
  24. Water Color Set
  25. Paintbrushes
  26. Scissors
  27. Yarn or Embroidery Floss
  28. Toothbrush
  29. Toothpaste
  30. Chapstick
  31. Bubble Bath
  32. Fun Loofa
  33. Non Toxic Nail Polish
  34. Travel Hand Sanitizer
  35. Hair Accessories
  36. Hair Brush
  37. Comb
  38. Novelty Band Aids
  39. BooBoo Buddy
  40. Lotion
  41. Fun Socks
  42. New Undies
  43. Tights
  44. Winter Hat
  45. Winter Scarf
  46. Winter Gloves
  47. Ear Muffs
  48. Leg Warmers
  49. Stick On Earrings
  50. Temporary Tattoos
  51. Necklace
  52. Charm Bracelet
  53. Digital Watch
  54. Small Toy (Matchbox Cars, Calico Critters, My Little Pony, Squinkie, etc)
  55. DVD Movie (we love The Sound of Music or Aristocats)
  56. CD (We love Dan Zanes and Jay Mankita)
  57. Sunglasses
  58. Movie Tickets
  59. Change Or A Dollar Bill
  60. Audio Book (We love Curious George)
  61. Doll House Dolls
  62. Doll House Furniture & Accessories
  63. Pez Dispenser
  64. Flashlight
  65. Shaker Egg
  66. Gym Whistle
  67. Rhythm Sticks
  68. Christmas Ornament (Silly to get on Christmas Day, but it is a tradition for us. We get Malone a new one each year).
  69. Magnets (letters, numbers, animals, transportation etc).
  70. Card Game (Go Fish, Crazy 8’s, Old Maid, etc)
  71. Dice
  72. Play Food
  73. Play Kitchen Accessories (apron, oven mitts, cups, plates, etc)
  74. Doll Accessories (bib, bottle, toy rattle, diapers, etc)
  75. Train Track Pieces
  76. Toy Trains (Thomas, Brio, Nuchi)
  77. Action Figure (Spiderman, Captain America, Batman Etc)
  78. Sidewalk Chalk
  79. Novelty Name Items (personalized license plates, stickers, cups, pencils, etc)
  80. Bike Horn
  81. Elbow Or Knee Pads
  82. Play Money
  83. Story Dice
  84. Dominos
  85. Bubbles
  86. Silly Putty
  87. Train Whistle
  88. Slinky
  89. Glow In The Dark Stars
  90. Rubber Duck
  91. Play Microphone
  92. Stomp Rocket
  93. Glow Sticks
  94. Fashion Doll (Barbie/Princess)
  95. Fashion Doll Accessories (clothing, shoes, hair brush, etc)
  96. Goggles
  97. Dress Up Items (shoes, necklaces, bracelets, eye patch, hat, scarf etc)
  98. Foam Letters & Numbers
  99. View Master & Slides
  100. Mr. Potato Head
  101. Sarah’s Silks Rainbow Comet Skytail


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