My friends Rabia and Lisa have started a great new list link up called Tuesday Ten. Each week the provide a prompt and encourage you to link up your words. Looks like fun, doesn’t it? This weeks’ prompt is 10 things I should say more often in my house.

The Liebers

Also, in other news… look who’s given herself  a rebrand?!? I’ve been hard at work here behind the scenes, which is why I haven’t been posting as frequently. I am so proud to say that my husband and I have figured out how to do this all on our own! More good things are to come!

10 Things I should say more often at home.

1. I should say yes. Especially as it relates to playing with Malone. Getting on the floor and playing is SO HARD for me. I’m not a player, I’m more of a do-er. It is so much easier for me to do an activity, bake, read, play a game, or go on an adventure with Malone than it is for me to get on the floor and play. But I can tell how much it means to Malone when I get on the floor and really play cars with him, so it needs to happen more. Luckily, Michael is awesome at playing, so I guess we balance each other out.

2. I should say I’ll tackle the laundry this week. My husband works full time, but  King of the Laundry on the weekend. He wins the prize. He also cleans the bathroom, takes out the trash, and helps with the after dinner clean up from time to time. Usually, I do the dishes because I want him to spend time with the kids before they go to bed.

3. I should say Malone, can you please help me do xzy? At 4.5, Malone loves to help and be included in just about any household task I’m working on. I need to invite him to work along side me more often. But too often I don’t, because it time it will take to do the task triples when there is a preschooler involved.

4. I should say no. This one relates more to blog land and church. I love to help. Giving my talent and time makes my soul sing, so I’m very generous with it. Sometimes, too generous. I end up over extended and stressed out. And then NOBODY wins.

5. I should say would you like to come over for dinner? This one is really hard for me. I would love to invite my friends into my home more often, but the size of our house + house guests often intimidates me. We hosted a small gathering in the past and had 4-5 other families here and it went just fine. I need to do that again!

6. I should say I love you, you make me so happy. No explanation really needed for this one.

7. I should say remember the Golden Rule. Treat others the same way you want to be treated. Aka- Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, which is based on Matthew 7:12. We’ve started saying this more with Malone as we really begin to be strategic in building his character. I have heard him use it a few times when a friend isn’t being kind to him. I need to remember that the more I can equip him with ideas around kindness, the more likely he is to be kind.

8. I should say let’s go talk a walk. I love our neighborhood and our neighbors. I need to get out there with the kids more (as soon a the weather warms up)!

9. I should say let’s write a letter! Our families live far away from us and I know they would enjoy getting a little snail mail from us. Maybe they’d even write back!

10. I should say need help. Michael isn’t a mind reader. Enough said.

What about you? What should you say more often? I want to hear about it in the comments below!