Once upon a time, a dream of mine came true. I was invited to join members of the New Kids On The Block for a press day in Boston to promote the second season of their reality show Rock This Boat. You can read all about it here.


I was also able to attend the press event for Rock This Boat in New York City just a few weeks later. Yup… you heard that right. TWICE in two weeks, I’ve spent time with members of NKOTB.  As a result and as part of my job covering the event, I’ve been able to screen the first three episodes of Rock This Boat before the general population.

New Kids On The Block's Rock This Boat NYC Press Event

Blockhead or not, there are tons of great reasons to watch the second season of New Kids on the Block’s Rock This Boat (Wednesdays 8:00 pm EST on Pop TV).

Rock This Boat follows the members of New Kids On The Block as they cruise with approximately 3000 of their biggest fans. From themed parties and concerts to giving their fans an up close and personal experience, they go out of their way to make the cruise memorable. Rock This Boat documents the experience of both the band and the fan.

10 Great Reasons To Watch New Kids On The Block’s Rock This Boat

  1. The members of New Kids on the Block offer unparalleled access to what is like to be on their cruise. During the interview Donnie said that it was really hard to explain what the NKOTB cruise was really about because it is so unique and different. They thought it would be cool to show the world via Rock This Boat.
  2. The fan stories woven into the show are really compelling. Season 1 of Rock This Boat also featured fan stories, but they were much more made for television dramatic. This season, the fan stories tug at your heart… especially the fan who is going on the cruise after just loosing her mom.
  3. The guys are hysterical. It’s really fun to see their personalities aside from their stage personas. It seems to involve a lot of joking and laughter.
  4. They’re also authentic and real. One of the favorite scenes so far is one where they forgot the lyrics to one of their songs during their cruise concert. Apparently, their fans got to vote on some of the songs for the performance, and they picked one that they had sang in quite some time.
  5. It is really hard to find positive entertainment these days. However, you can’t watch this show without laughing and walking away in a better mood.
  6. Everyone wants to know more about their favorite celebrity.
  7. The way New Kids On The Block loves and respects their fans can’t be beat. One big take away I had during my interview and while watching the show is that the guys are full of gratitude and love for their fans and genuinely want to give back to them.
  8. In addition to getting to see the guys on the cruise, some of their friends and family are also on the boat. Jon’s best friend, Danny’s kids, and Donnie’s wife (Jenny McCarthy) all appear on the show.
  9.  As someone who has loved New Kids On The Block since I was eight years old, I love being able to still see them! I might not ever get to attend a concert or their cruise in real life, but I can join in the fun right from my living room!
  10. More Band…. Hot Damn. Enough said!

Rock This Boat is on Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM on Pop TV.

This is the part where I have to say that I received compensation in the form of a travel allowence but honestly…. I would have paid a million dollars for this selfie with Donnie Walhberg.

NJ and Donnie Wahlberg